Open Frame TVs

The mirror or the TV?

Do you feel that TV would be an unnecessary element in the room, but you still want to enjoy favorite movies and series? The answer is Open Frame TV hidden behind your mirror!

Some conservative customers fully trust all the technical and stylistic solutions to their favorite brand. Some people want to control everything and make it to their taste. AVEL is ready to surprise both teams. You just need to pick your size and contact us. Managers will get in touch with you and help you find the best available option.

We haven't neglected DIY enthusiasts, either. If you are a jack of all trades, with just a sealant you can install the TV yourself or open the case for maintenance, thanks to the removable frame.

Conventional TV sets generate sound through their speakers and transmit it through the air. But TVs with an open frame are deprived of this possibility because of the sealed housing. Such a TV simply has no sound holes and often the sound quality suffers. But thanks to the technology of built-in vibrating speakers, which produce sound through the vibration of the inner surface of the TV, the sound quality is as good as with conventional speakers.

The modern LED panel of the frameless TV allows you to enjoy movies and shows at any angle, in 4K resolution.

And one leads to another! The USB-Host function allows you to watch photos, videos or listen to music from any storage device via a USB connection.

An Avis Electronics TV will enhance any interior in any style. Whether it's a beauty salon, restaurant, hotel, or a simple bedroom.

And given the 2-year warranty on Open-Frame TVs, there is no need to waste time thinking about it. Write to us and we will surprise you!