Since 2012, AVEL has been developing as well as producing high-quality waterproof televisions. Through years of experience, our experts have learned to produce both standard TVs and mirrored built-in TVs with a unique custom design.

The devices are manufactured and assembled in our production facilities in China. Parts undergo rigorous quality control on each production line. We guarantee the high visual performance of our mirror glass TVs, achieved through the unique balance of screen brightness and glass panel light transmission.

Key features

custom mirror tv
super bright
no frame tv
frameless tv
mirror tv glass
tempered glass
glass television
led backlight
glass tv
2 years warranty
glass television


Time goes on and modern trends in home interiors are changing. Bright colors and bulky columns are replaced by high-tech, it is hastily followed by loft, minimalism, and this vortex does not stop. But what can be noticed is the growing interest in the vanishing TV sets, their excellent combination with any interior design, and the variability of their positioning. A bespoke mirrored TV can be installed in any room, either bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even bathroom.

You can select a suitable TV with a standard design in our catalog. Such a device will adorn any interior. And in case you want to create a unique design, incorporating a custom mirrored TV set, contact us and we will gladly provide support.

custom mirror tv


Not sure how to attract new customers and surprise your regular customers? With the help of an advertising mirror screen, you can easily achieve this effect, and our company will gladly help you not only to match the parameters of the display, its additional functions (touch screen, microphone, camera) but also to receive a mirror of proper size and shape.

A flat and smooth mirror surface will enhance the effect of any commercial and help promote your services or products. A bespoke mirrored TV will decorate both a small store, a shopping center elevator, a beauty salon, a restaurant, as well as a large hotel room or a conference room.

frameless tv


The Smart Mirror option will be of interest to high-tech enthusiasts and people who want to follow the latest trends. TVs with this option run on Android, so it easily replaces the computer in such tasks as surfing the web, social networks, listening to music, watching videos, and much more. The home screen is easy to customize: stay up-to-date with the latest news, track the weather, and take messages-all on one screen in your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Put a smile on your face and a positive vibe on your face all day long.

Are you an owner of a jewelry store, fitness center, beauty salon? Smart mirror from AVEL will allow you to combine interactive components with real reflection! This approach will allow you to create fantastic projects, such as virtual fitting of clothes, selection of makeup, hairstyles, jewelry, and so on. Tailor-made mirror TV is bound to give a unique experience and become a highlight of your business.

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Another advantage of mirrors is that they visually increase the space of the room. Besides, the size of the room itself is important to consider when choosing the TV and the mirror. But our customers may not worry about these things, because our specialists only need room dimensions to implement your idea - we take care of the rest. All AVEL TVs are made using only safe tempered mirrors, so the customer can be sure of their quality and safety.

* The maximum size of the vanishing TV mirror is 2000x900 mm.

no frame tv


TVs from 23.8 to 75 inches are now available in a range and to order. This number of sizes allows you to select the optimal custom framed mirror TV for every design project. Whether it's a commercial project, or a highlight in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom, we'll find the best size unit for you.

custom shape
of your mirror
frameless tv

Come up with your unique design! Share your wishes, choose the shape, and we will make a one-of-a-kind custom mirrored glass TV. Add a piece of your character to the interior or give it a twist.

framed design
and Led backlight
no frame tv
2 types of mirror
are available
glass tv
Light mirror (Silver)
  • transmission 40%
  • reflection 60%
mirror tv glass
Dark mirror (Graphite)
  • transmission 25%
  • reflection 75%
The material for all our mirrors is tempered glass
frameless tv
custom mirror tv
250 - 500 cd/m2
(depending on screen diagonal)
This screen is best suited for placing TVs with a light mirror (silver) in rooms with normal, not panned windows. In this case, any viewer will have enough brightness while watching favorite TV programs, movies, serials, no matter what angle the TV itself is placed.
frameless tv
800 - 1000 cd/m2
(depending on screen diagonal)
If you decided to buy a frameless TV with a dark mirror (graphite), we recommend the super bright screen. It will compensate the light transmission parameters of the mirror and give you a richer, brighter and more juicy picture. We also recommend the super bright screen if you install the TV near windows and in rooms with a lot of natural light.
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